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We up-skill practitioners to take their businesses to a new level.

What is the Nidana Collective?

“Nidana” is a Sanskrit word for cause or motivation for change and the casual relationship between connected links.

The Nidana Collective was born of the ideation of two experts in the field. Two successful Kinesiologists. Two people committed to EMPOWER SUCCESS for Natural Therapy practitioners. We offer a Certificate or internationally recognised Diploma of Professional Kinesiology, complimented with the tools to create a profitable and flexible business.

Kinesiology is underpinned by science, and encompasses the holistic functionality of what it is to be human – physical, mental, emotional, biochemical and spiritual. It accesses the unique essence of each person and empowers them to fulfil on what truly matters to them.

So, you want to be a Kinesiologist? Or maybe you are a Natural Therapy practitioner looking to expand your skill base and offering? Either way we’ll support you in achieving your goals.

We are successful practitioners in our own right. We love what we do, and want to share our success and skill to assist you in creating the same success in your business and your life.

So what are you waiting for?

So you’re ready? Maybe interested? Maybe still unsure? No matter where you are on the consideration scale give us a call or send us an email and we’d love to answer all your questions.

We are here to help and assist you to make an informed decision, and create a successful and purposeful career.

Whats Involved?

The Nidana Collective offers both a Certificate and Diploma of Professional Kinesiology.

Both programs include part-time face-to-face classes with a maximum class size of ten students. Classes for the Certificate are completed in 7 months. The Diploma in 15 months. There are also additional fun, practical components.

We know you have lives outside of class, so we tailor the program to be accessible and flexible for adult learners. So of course we make learning fun!

We are committed to graduating professionals. Whatever you want from your qualification, our commitment is to ensure you achieve the highest level of competency, you are exceptional in your field, you love what you do and are confident to fulfil your purpose and ambitions.

Want to be a Kinesiologist?

One of the most holistic modalities in natural therapies, Kinesiology work with clients across physical, emotional, mental and biochemical challenges.

Want a Thriving Business?

Be your own boss enjoying your work, all within a growth industry valued between $1.5B – $2.5B

Want Flexibility and Lifestyle?

Set your own hours, your income, and your holidays….all whilst making a difference to the lives of others.

Want to Contribute to Others?

Be part of your client’s journey facilitating transformational change and empower them in being the best version of themselves.

The Program

The Certificate and Diploma can be completed separately or together.

International Certificate of Professional Kinesiology

Base qualification required to practice as a Kinesiologist in Australia.


12 kinesiology modules

1 anatomy and physiology

50 hours of student clinic

2.5 hours practical assessment

50 hours of clinical practice client sessions


5 personal kinesiology sessions with an approved practitioner (students pay their practitioner directly)

Senior first aid certificate (must be current to practice)

International Diploma of Professional Kinesiology

Must hold an International Certificate of Professional


16 kinesiology modules

1 anatomy and physiology

50 hours of student clinic

2.5 hours practical assessment

50 hours of clinical practice client sessions


5 personal kinesiology sessions with an approved practitioner (students pay their practitioner directly)

Senior first aid certificate (must be current to practice)

Your Facilitators


Terese Mudgway

Fuelled by a desire to follow her true purpose, Terese left a successful corporate career over 15 years ago to launch a business in the Wellness industry.

Qualifying with an International Diploma of Professional Kinesiology Practices (ICPKP), Terese went onto establish successful practices in Auckland, Sydney and Brisbane. Her extensive career as a Kinesiologist and Executive Coach has seen her facilitate transformative change in her individual clients, along with executive teams in maximising productivity, potential and life balance.

Renowned in her field, Terese is regularly engaged as a keynote speaker at various domestic and international industry conferences and events.

Terese has recently returned to teaching to share the experience and knowledge she has accumulated over the years. Her love of Kinesiology and the incredible opportunities she has been fortunate enough to experience resonate in her nurturing teaching style. A qualified ICPKP teacher, Terese not only teaches the Diploma of Kinesiology, she empowers practitioners to use the qualification to create successful and sustainable businesses.


Sarah Gilmour-Mayne

“A successful, healthy, joyous, abundant life of purpose, is a choice, and I am grateful and humbled to help facilitate that choice for others.

Transformation of self in our daily modern life, is an honour to witness. I am truly inspired by the brilliance of we humans”.

Working with Kinesiology, NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis, Nutrition and Homeopathy, Sarah is a practitioner of 20 years and a field leading teacher for the last 15 years. She now channels this vast experience into her private practice & learning centre.
A charismatic trainer and speaker, Sarah has a gift for teaching and making her courses, or consults, fun and highly effective for everyone.

As a mum of a modern day family, with two divine little girls Ziva and Samara and a loving involved husband, James. Sarah understands the importance of balancing your personal and professional life…with a focus on empowering clients and students to “have it all” and to “live their best lives” while doing it.

Sydney Course

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We are accepting applications for our next Sydney Certificate and Diploma beginning in 2020.

Brisbane Course

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We are accepting applications for our next Brisbane Certificate and Diploma beginning in 2020.

Byron Shire Course

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We are accepting applications for our next Byron Shire Certificate and Diploma beginning in 2020.

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    Sarah is an inspiring teacher and amazing health practitioner. Her knowledge of all aspects of the physical, emotional and spiritual body is extraordinary. As a kinesiology teacher Sarah has a unique ability to break down difficult concepts with examples to make them relatable and easy to understand. I have thoroughly enjoyed studying with Sarah and have also had remarkable kinesiology balances with her as a client. Sarah cares deeply about her students and clients and I can not recommend her more highly.

    Caron Brooks

    Sarah is a gifted and inspiring teacher. She brings a beautiful energy and humour to the classroom, and skilfully makes the ICPKP content accessible, easy to understand and so interesting to learn. Her exceptional knowledge, experience and insights satisfy the most curious of minds.

    Lotte Genillard

    I am currently completing a diploma of Kinesiology with Sarah and I am so amazed at how much we have learnt so far in 6 months. The information we receive both in our textbooks and in our practical sessions are really giving us all the fundamentals to being the best Kinesiologists we can be. The support we get from Sarah is amazing- empowering us to be the best we can be, there for support when we need both in and out of class and she makes class so much fun!

    Sarah Peaocl

    I have studied Kinesiology under both Terese and Sarah and can unequivocally recommend them to anyone interested in learning Kinesiology and making a difference in the world. Both teach the PKP Kinesiology syllabus thoroughly and with integrity, supporting you 100% through your learning journey of this wonderful complementary therapy. Having studied together under some of the worlds best Kinesiologists, including Bruce and Joan Dewe, the founders of PKP Kinesiology; they both have a similar fun teaching style and make even the most complicated of techniques seem easily understandable and doable. Under their teaching and mentorship, I now have my own successful kinesiology practice with over 200 clients on my books (and growing) and enjoy a career that helps others overcome adversity and reach their full potential and optimal health, nothing is more rewarding. Some of my clients are now even studying with Terese and Sarah at The Nidana Collective which brings me a huge amount of joy, knowing there will be more quality Kinesiologists in the world. If you are looking for a new and fulfilling career, want to learn Kinesiology techniques to enhance your current practice, or simply want to have access to powerful Kinesiology tools to help family and friends, I can assure you'll be in very good hands if you choose to study with The Nidana Collective.

    Katherine Anderson

    Terese was one of my Kinesiology teachers and her competence is astonishing. Not only is Terese an inspiring, gifted and successful practitioner who practices what she preaches, she is also a skilled and sensitive teacher. Her care for detail and subtle guidance ensures every learning style is met and matched with exactly the right amount of attention to get the most out of her students’ learning experience. I highly recommend any course Terese teaches. You will not regret it!

    Ash Morse